An Open Letter to the Community,

My name is Wesley Clawson and I was recently elected to be the new president of TCIA here in Fayetteville, AR. Over the next couple of months things throughout the TCIA organization will be changing so that we can better serve the community as well as continue to operate as an organization. Although many of the changes are internal, there will be some changes that should be noted by you, the community.

First, you might notice that the website is being changed here and there to hopefully provide a better experience to everyone online. As the website grows and changes we would love to hear feedback so that we can be sure we are meeting the needs of the community online, so feel free to email any comments or suggestions to tcia@artibet.com with the subject title as WEBSITE.

Second, some of our committees are changing as well as the way they are run on a day-to-day basis. These changes are still in progress and as they become more concrete we’ll be sure to keep you updated on how to be involved. For now, anyone interested in volunteering in any way, shape or form please fill out our volunteer form and email it to tcia@artibet.com with the subject title as VOLUNTEER.

Third, we want to communicate with the community more in the future. Much of the communication that we once had with everyone has fallen on the wayside and I want to apologize for that and I hope you’ll allow us to begin to start that again through our email service. If you wish to have your email removed from our lists please unsubscribe through the email service using the link provided in the emails.

I really believe that many of the changes we’ve started to make will re-invigorate TCIA so that we can better provide to the community. Please be patient with us as these changes are underway as sometimes it can be a difficult process. I want to sincerely say ‘Thank you’ on behalf of TCIA for your continued support of TCIA and what we do. Always feel free to email tcia@artibet.com with any questions, comments, or concerns.

– Wesley Clawson

TCIA President