Tibetan Cultural Institute of Arkansas

Standing Committees

  • Membership/Nominating (Catherine Freeman, Temporary chair)
    Develops and implements membership policies, subject to Board approval; coordinates member ceremonies; maintains the membership directory; welcomes newcomers; and other activities designed to facilitate member recruitment and retention. Receives and reviews applications for board positions and committee chairs.
  • Finance and Fundraising (open, Temporary chair)
    Monitors the financial status of the Institute; develops and implements financial policies, subject to Board approval; coordinates fund-raising activities; develops the annual budget; works with the Membership Committee to encourage financial stewardship; ensures Institute compliance with all financial and record-keeping requirements; and other activities designed to ensure the financial health of the Institute. The Institute’s treasurer shall serve as a permanent ex-officio member of this Committee, but shall be ineligible to serve as chairperson.
  • Sangha (Karen Chotkowski, Temporary chair)
    Represents the needs of the core religious services congregation; facilitates regular meditation meetings and retreats; protects and maintains religious artifacts and relics; other activities designed to promote a vigorous and healthy religious environment.
  • Community Outreach (Esyule Gamache, Temporary Chair)
    Coordinates the Institute’s web site and other online resources; prepares press releases for Institute activities and events; encourages participation in community events; and other activities designed to promote the Institute’s presence in the wider community.
  • Student Outreach (President, Students for a Free Tibet)
    Serves as liaison between the Institute and the University student community, especially the University chapter of Students for a Free Tibet.
  • Facilities (Wesley Clawson, Temporary Chair)
    Oversees the Institute’s physical facilities; develops and implements acquisition of facilities essential to the Institute’s purpose, subject to Board approval.
  • Online Presence (Jeremiah Wax, Temporary Chair)
    Coordinates TCIA’s website and other social media. Manages the digital records of membership, email contact lists and website maintenance and update.

If you would like to serve on a committee or have any ideas/suggestions feel free to email