2nd Annual Tibetan Film Festival

TCIA, partnering with Doomsday Graphics and Circle Square, presents the 2nd Annual Tibetan Film Festival

March 2-3, 2018

Circle Square (Matt Miller Studio)
21 W. Mountain St. – Fayetteville, Arkansas

Free Admission – Donations Appreciated

Concessions will be available.


6:30 PM — Silent Auction

7:30 PM — KUNDUN, a Martin Scorsese film. The incredible true story of one of the world’s most fascinating leaders, Tibet’s Dalai Lama, and his struggle to rule a nation at one of the most challenging times in history.


9:00 AM — Gentle Yoga and Meditation with Melody Smith

10:00 AM — AWAKENING THE SLEEPING GODDESS, written and directed by Zrinka Jančić. The quest for recognition and better education of the Tibetan nuns in exile.

10:45 AM — WOMEN IN TIBET: A QUIET REVOLUTION, written and directed by Rosemary Rawcliffe. Tibetan women tell the story of one of the great movements of nonviolent resistance in modern history.

1:00 PM — DEVOTION AND DEFIANCE, an International Campaign for Tibet film. A look at Buddhism and the struggle for religious freedom in Tibet.

1:45 PM — CHENREZIG: THE MANDALA OF COMPASSION, a film by Tim Knock and Kevin Redpath. Eight Monks from Tashi Lhunpho Monastery visit Glastonbury, England and create a beautiful sand mandala.

2:15 PM — MY COUNTRY IS TIBET, directed by Namgyal Wangchuk Trichen Lhagyari. Meet the King of Tibet, living in exile in Dharamsala, India.

3:00 PM — ESCAPE OVER THE HIMALAYAS, a film by Zazie Blumencron and Richard Ladkani. A group of Tibetan children attempt the dangerous escape into exile across the dangerous passes of the Himalayas.

3:30 PM — I AM PEMA, a film by Sam Wangyal. A reflection on displacement and hope, glimpsed during a day in little Pema’s world.

3:45 PM — Panel Discussion

5:00 PM — BRINGING TIBET HOME, directed by Tenzin Tsetan Choklay. When a Tibetan refugee dies from a terminal illness, his last wish to set foot on his native soil remains unfulfilled… until his son, a New York-based artist, embarks on an unthinkable journey.

6:15 PM — KORA, directed and produced by Jawshing Arthur Liou. The kora, as a circle, has no beginning or end. A living experience in ultra high-definition.