Amitabha Retreat, the Buddha of Longevity and Infinite Light

August 16, 2014  ~ Land of Infinite Bliss Retreat Center in Crosses, AR ~ 9am – 5pm

Suggested donations are $20 – $50.   To register for the initiation, contact Karen at or 479-530-7868 (please leave a message).

Buddha Amithaba
Buddha Amithaba

In Vajrayana Amitabha is known for his longevity attribute and the aggregate of distinguishing (recognition) and the deep awareness of individualities. He manifests as a one headed and two armed entity in red skin; his hair is rolled up in a topknot and he wears a precious crown adorned with five Buddhas carved in precious metal and jewelry. He wears a celestial upper garment and a silk fabric lower skirt.  In addition, he wears a precious jewel necklace as the centerpiece.  Overall, these manifestations are attributable to the integrity and solemnity of the energy of long life of all Buddhas.

Amitabha holds a Longevity Treasure Vial in the center of his right palm, signifying overcoming death.  Both hands form a mudra of meditation resting atop his knees.  His feet double over forming a Vajra lotus position on top of a lotus cushion, signifying that he is driven by love and compassion to free all sentient beings from suffering.  We deeply believe that this will not only affect the individual’s life but also bring peace and harmony to their surrounding environment.

This initiation has never been performed in Northwest Arkansas. Initiation of Amitabha Buddha can help individuals overcome obstacles that hinder long life, such as life-threatening disease.  With this initiation, one commits to having a long life for the benefit of all sentient beings.

We will host a scholar of Buddhist Tantrayana, Venerable Dhondup Thinlay from Gyuto Wheel of Dharma Monastery in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to assist Geshe-la with the initiation.  Dhondup Thinlay joined the Gyuto Monastery in the early 1980s after arriving in India from Northeast Tibet. Dhondup-la will also be assisting Geshe-la with the consecration of the stupa that will be built at the Retreat Center.

Directions to Retreat Center: From Fayetteville, take Hwy. 16 East through Elkins to Crosses.  At Crosses turn right onto Hwy. 295.  Go a few miles and turn right onto WC 5520 (rugged dirt road).  Go up the hill.  The yellow Meditation Hall is on the right.  Turn right and park along the road in front of the Meditation Hall.

Bring drinking water and a light personal lunch.  Sponsored by the Tibetan Cultural Institute of Arkansas.