TCIA continues to preserve Tibetan Heritage and Culture in Arkansas, and beyond. Since 2006, TCIA has been dedicated to education and cultural exchange with success in supporting Tibetans in exile around the world and the creation of an active local community in Arkansas. Our members have:


1. Volunteered and donated towards Tutors for Tibetans, which provides tutors, classrooms, basic school supplies, clean water, and nutritious meals to the Tibetan children who currently live in the nine refugee camps around Drepung Loseling Monastery in Mundgod, South India.

2. Continued the University of Arkansas’ TEXT (Tibetans in Exile Today) program, which travels to India to record and preserve the life histories of Tibetan refugees in India. All of the these video interviews and photographs are available online for the benefit of everyone.

3. Begun the final touches of the Land of Infinite Bliss Retreat Center near Crosses, Arkansas. When finished, the center will provide an ideal environment for everyone to come teach and learn of nonviolence, compassion, and the Dharma.

4. Brought to Arkansas over 250 monks and scholars who have given public lectures and demonstrations of Tibet’s cultural and philosophical legacy to local universities, colleges, public schools, and the community at large.

The Institute now invites everyone with a simple path to promote and inspire us to go further.

TCIA founder, Geshe Dorjee, has a myriad of activities every month: from public and private teachings, meditation classes, to performances and cultural discussions. TCIA sustains each of these commitments through financial assistance. This commitment is made possible by the generous financial support of those sympathetic to the purposes of the Institute. Now, through a small monthly donation, we can ensure that you have a direct impact on each of these activities every month.

Our primary needs are to provide a space for public teachings ($200/month), a stipend for our teacher ($500/month), and in general all the costs to keep the organization running and always able to provide information and resources to the general community.

Our current goals are to finish the retreat center’s main building, its final floors and ceilings (~10-20k), running water and plumbing (~10k), the landscape around the center (~5-8k), and for the center to be able to house longer retreats. Continued efforts in supporting Drepung Loseling Monastery, Tutors for Tibetans, and the TEXT program are also within our responsibilities.

All donations made to TCIA are fully tax deductible.

The early stages of the stupa project.

Board position elections were held on May 23rd, 2021. Click here for more information.